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Developed by : Yeliz Nur AKARÇAY

Developed by : Yeliz Nur AKARÇAY

Sarıçam Halk Eğitim Merkezi
Training level

4 Weeks


3 hours / week
Weekly Study
15 May 2021
Start date

Major Topic: Digital Inclusion of Adults


Introduction: This lesson presents the definitions of some basic terms required to understand the issue of digital inclusion better as well as the results of some important research on the barriers to use digital sources and explore ways to choose digital resources for digital inclusion. The unit also provides learners with the notions and examples  of digital storytelling and makes a step-by-step explanation of how to prepare a digital storytelling.


Lesson’s Objective

This lesson aims to identify digital inclusion and digital exclusion and barriers to digital inclusion. Learners will

* become familiar with the concept of digital inclusion

* become aware of the factors associated with digital exclusion

* learn how to find technologies available for digital inclusion

* recognize the main tools used available for digital inclusion

* search for web sources that enable digital literacy and main digital skills

*learn about the best practices on digital inclusion

* become aware of the concept of digital storytelling and how to prepare one


Prerequisite knowledge

The topics in this course require fundamental digital literacy skills but also makes a comprehensive explanation of the topics through step-by-step instructions. 


When learners complete this course, they will be able to

  • Learn the term digital inclusion and understand its importance
  • Evaluate their own conditions in terms of digital exclusion and eliminate some of the barriers to digital inclusion
  • Make an assessment of the sources available to increase their digital skills
  • Improve their digital skills for employability purposes
  • Define the concept of storytelling and understand its importance for 21st century skills
  • Prepare a digital storytelling based on a topic they are interested in


  1. 1. Barriers to Digital Inclusion
  2. Technologies designed to Promote Digital Inclusion
  3. How to Choose the appropriate digital Resources
  4. Digital Tools for digital inclusion
  5. Best Practices

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