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“Adult self-learning: supporting learning autonomy in a technology-mediated environment”

– An online collaborative environment designed to motivate adult people in learning tasks

– Structured learning activities following the Pattern-Based Learning approach

Self Learning

Self Learning

Self-learning is anything you learn outside a classroom environment by yourself without a set curriculum or examinations. Unlike traditional methods of schooling, your self-learning efforts are not measured by how well you perform in an exam.Self-learning lets you gauge and improve your knowledge via practical applications with no matriculated evaluation.
Technology-Mediated Learning

Technology-Mediated Learning

Technology-mediated learning environments refer to settings in which computer-based applications and simulations, personal and mobile computing devices such as smartphones or tablets, Web-based platforms, online or distance learning programs, video games, exhibits or installations that feature digital media.
Learner Autonomy

Learner Autonomy

Learner autonomy is when students take control and responsibility for their own learning, both in terms of what they learn and how they learn it. It takes as its starting point the idea that students are capable of self-direction and are able to develop an independent, proactive approach to their studies. Learner autonomy is particularly important.

“Adult self-learning: supporting learning autonomy in a technology-mediated environment” - 2019-1-TR01-KA204-076875


Why use

As access to computers and the internet continues to increase, and student numbers on traditional courses continue to fall, so interest in and provision of TML becomes more widespread in HE throughout the UK and beyond. TML, it is believed, can address the needs of learners engaged in flexible, distance and open learning, provide a wider outreach to more geographically and educationally disparate learners than 'traditional' face-to-face or distance courses, and be cost-effective.
        Flexible, distance and open learning Although there are many different models of flexible, distance and open learning, the use of TML within such frameworks requires careful consideration.

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Online collaborative learning theory is a form of constructivist teaching that takes the form of instructor-led group learning online. In OCL, learners are encouraged to collaboratively solve problems through discourse instead of memorizing correct answers. The trainer  plays a crucial role as a facilitator as well as a member of the knowledge community under study.


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